Monday, September 15, 2014

Nate Miller wins Unsigned Only

I'm excited to announce that Nate Miller's song The Darkest Spaces was selected as the winner of the Christian category for Unsigned Only, a songwriting competition. Production by Nate Vaughan. Big congrats to him!
Unsigned Only

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nate Miller - New EP in Progress

Back in 2012, I had the pleasure of working with Nate Miller on his first full-length album. That project sprawled over 2 years, so when we started discussing working together again, my first thought was "keep things simple."

The new EP will feature mostly Nate playing piano and singing. We're still in the early, early stages of working, but I'm excited about the project!

Nate snapped this photo during a recent session. Stay tuned for more updates!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Eye for an Eiger - Out May 9th

It's been a blast, but all good things must come to an end.

At least, that's what the album release means for Sean and me. We have been chipping away at Eye for an Eiger on nights, weekends, and lunch breaks for almost a year and a half. We started planning the album in the summer of 2012. We recording rough tracks the week before my wedding in January 2013. Drums, bass, and keys followed in March, April, and May.

Then we spent 6 months recording the million little things that get me jazzed about production: marimba, theremin, vibroslap,  castanets, background vocals, layered guitar parts, synthesizers.

Its these details of production work that I love the most. Every production project that I undertake keeps me dreaming of a million little details that might take a song to the next level.

Every session is a big, fun hangout. There is a lot of time for fun in and around the times we hit the "record" button. And spending time with the great people who bring their talents to the recording studio is what makes a year-and-a-half long project fly right by.

So for those of you who will be hearing it for the first time, I hope you enjoy it. There will be a release show on May 9th at 7:50 PM if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area.

Production photos after the break.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kickstarter Update

A big thanks to those of you who have made Sean Pawling's Kickstarter a smashing success. As of this morning, we're 129% funded with just over 2 days to go!

We still need your help. Our $3000 goal only accounts for about half of the cost of producing the album. To reward your continued support, Sean and I have created a "reach" goal of raising $4200 to get the album pressed to vinyl. Anyone who supports at the $28 level or higher will receive a copy.

If you planned to give but have been putting off doing so, now is the time. You will come away with some great swag and know that you have helped bring to life music that wouldn't exist without you. You can find the kickstarter at the link below.

Sean has been recording a cover every day during the Kickstarter. I've had the pleasure of participating in a couple of them. Below are a few of my favorites (more after the break):

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sean Pawling Album: Kickstarter!

I seem to be the king of ambitious, drawn-out projects. My work with Sean Pawling has turned out to be no exception. We have been planning since late 2012 and working since February 2013. The album is well on its way, but we're coming up to some end-of-project costs, like mixing, mastering, and pressing.

So we've turned to Kickstarter to pre-sell the album and try to raise these costs up front. Check out the project video, have a look at the rewards, and support us if you love independently-produced music!

Click here to support this project

Friday, August 16, 2013

"Windman" Live in a Living Room

Nick Borges, director, teamed up with The Wild Maps, general rabble rousers to bring you this video. It was a lot of fun to make, and I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nate Miller: Like This One

Making full-length albums is hard. It always takes more time and effort than I initally plan for. And it inevitably goes through phases of being creatively draining.

For about past 3 months, Sean Pawling and I have been hard at work on tracking for his full-length album. But after we got my piano tuned for his sessions, I took advantage of the window of in-tune opportunity and managed to squeeze in a video session with Nate Miller. It was really refreshing to tackle something simple that we could complete in a few days.

Nate and I actually recorded 4 new songs of his, which we plan to release as an EP. We also shot the following video. The session was a lot of fun, and I got to use my Pentax K01 digital camera. The Pentax has been a lot of fun to have around, and it was a pleasure to get to know it a bit better.

Here's the result. Enjoy!