Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun with Double Exposures

The other day Rach and I went out to shoot a roll of film.  We double exposed the roll by first shooting various colored things: a red shirt, Rach's dress, the inside of a plastic yellow cup, the textured grey seat of my car...  Then we walked around Third St. and shot the roll again.  Here's what resulted:

These were all shot Fujicolor 200... the cheapest stuff money can buy, and perfect for experimentation.  It also lends the shots a pleasing graininess.  Unfortunately (or decide), we didn't quite get the frame alignment right, so many of the photos came out with mixed framing.  Here are some interesting ones:

Finally, a relatively normal portrait...colored only ever so slightly with the texture from the seat of my car.  I think we just flashed the film at f/22 and 1/500 to get the slightest effect:

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